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7 Things to know before moving to Vancouver

If you have decided to make that move to Vancouver, then you’re in for a life filled with loads of attractions, places to see, and people to meet. This city located on Canada’s southwest coastline has so much to offer its residents, merely reading about it won’t equate to the joy of actually experiencing the Vancouver

Before you make your move to this fine city, here are some things you need to know about Vancouver for that smooth transition.

Finding a new place won’t be so easy

Finding housing in the city will require that you remain very proactive and perhaps have a little bit of luck. Apartments and homes in the area generally do not stay on the market for more than a day, and some places require a recommendation. It helps to know somebody in the city who is hyper-aware of new property listings in the area. A trustworthy real estate expert will have a sharp eye for opportunity.

Cost of living, quality education

Vancouver has a fairly high cost of living. You might find that everything costs a bit more than you’re used to paying. The steeper prices, however, come in exchange for a truly incredible place to live.

It must also be noted that educational opportunities in the city are fantastic. notes that the quality of public schooling in the area is generally high. Moreover, if you’re from elsewhere and decided to move into Vancouver or you’re in Canada on a work visa, your kids can take advantage of the free public schooling here.

Food is great

The food here is excellent. Vancouver has seen a boom of diverse restaurants over the last decade. Each one offers a different type of cuisine that is better than the next. If you like Mexican food, Indian food, and everything in between, you can find it here. There are many tasty dishes to write home about.

Outdoor life

Vancouver is a bustling city with many cyclists. Come rain or shine, Vancouver residents maximise their use of the streets and parks for recreation. The city is known to be very active and environmentally conscious.

Weather varies

Vancouver’s weather is comparable to Seattle’s, though the former gets more days of sun in a year. It does rain quite a bit, however, so if that kind of weather negatively affects you, plan accordingly. If you are ready to make the move, make sure to pack a sturdy umbrella!

Great people

The general atmosphere here is pretty laid-back and friendly, citing the fact that Vancouver is among the most ethnically diverse cities in British Columbia. Canadians are known to imbibe a stress-free life better than their southern neighbors. If you want a change of pace, Vancouver is a fantastic option.

A beautiful place

Vancouver, with all of its nature highlights and friendly people, is a truly great place to live. It comes as no surprise that Vancouver is quickly becoming one of the top places to live in the world. The beautiful blend of cultures and diverse outdoor activities are a great incentive.

If you are considering moving to the city, we encourage you to do so! Let our team help you in getting to know Vancouver better. I am Don Munro, and our team can be your guide in letting you realise your real estate goals. Give us a call at 604-817-7338 or send us an email at botsoldmunro(at)gmail(dotted)com.

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